This American Life.

Popcorn bag for This American Life fundraising promotion. I met Ira Glass at a reading, and brought a popcorn bag for him to sign. This was the beginning of a dream come true. See, back in 2007, Ira's iconic public radio program This American Life launched a television show. As a fan, I hosted a viewing party, and designed some popcorn bags for the occasion. They were full color, laser printed and hand constructed.

When I met Ira I figured it would be funny to have him sign my unlicensed TAL memorabilia. His reaction was totally unexpected. He said, "Uh, can we make more of these?" So we did. I translated the graphic into a single color print for a standard white bag. They were shipped out to supporters of the radio program as TV watching kits aimed at helping radio listeners adapt to the new medium.

A fun little project for a dream client!