Specific Gravity Art Jeweler

Browse through a velvet jewelry box online and in store. 

Specific Gravity noun

1. Ratio of the weight of a volume of a substance with an equal volume of another substance taken as a standard.

2. A non-disctructive test to assay stones and metals.

3. A Brooklyn Metal Works activation, bringing the wonderful array of art jewelry and objects made in their studios to a local and global clientele. 

When the owners of a local metal shop opened a small but magical art jewelry store I was honored to develop their branding and digital programs.

The varying weights of the letterforms within the logotype illude to the varying weights of materials referenced in the definition of Specific Gravity, complementing an array of styles featured in their collection. 

As the project progressed, we were all surprised to gravitate to gold on black. In practice, a soft black with touches of gold give the site the velvety texture of a jewelry case full of treasures. Geometric patterned elements shift slightly across applications and bring a taste of the in store feel online. 


photo credit: @specific_gravity