StriVectin Advanced Retinol

Awake to the power of Retinol 

StriVectin asked us to develop a conversion-driven campaign featuring two new Retinol products. Since the products were new and thus unknown, we used a combination of video and Facebook ad units to guide the consumer through the traditional marketing funnel toward conversion.

For both videos, we educated the consumer with a series of illustrated claims. We then reinforced the usage for the nighttime product and the benefit for the pore refiner in photographic promoted posts. Lastly, we converted using carousel ads that featured lifestyle images and graphic elements from the videos.

The dreamscape narrative of the Advanced Retinol Night creative connects the efficacy of the product with the restorative nature of sleep. The Advanced Retinol Pore creative focuses on it's core claim of shrinking pores.

The resulting campaign exceeded client expectations and increased StriVectin's share in the Retinol market.

Art & Video Direction
Prop Styling