USRx Body Campaign 

Even Tone Everywhere


"Even Tone Everywhere" was a pivotal marketing campaign designed to increase awareness of our body product closely aligning with our established tagline "Even Tone Experts." This initiative was launched as the final major campaign before a significant brand refresh, serving as a bridge between the existing and new brand identities.

The primary objective was to create a strong connection between our highly successful facial products and lesser known body product lines, emphasizing their effectiveness in targeting uneven skin tones and blemishes. The campaign aimed to reinforce our reputation as "Even Tone Experts," thereby strengthening brand loyalty and expanding our market reach.

In anticipation of the upcoming brand refresh, the campaign blended new and existing branding elements. A key focus was placed on showcasing real skin textures and celebrating body diversity, a shift towards more inclusive and authentic representation. The visual narrative was carefully crafted to resonate with our audience, featuring models who exuded confidence and comfort in their skin. 💦