USRx Holiday 2022

Let’s Party

Our Holiday 2022 marketing campaign designed to focus consumer attention on our limited edition holiday offerings, leveraging our best-selling products in mini-size formats or value-priced bundles. This approach was intended to not only boost holiday sales but also introduce new consumers to our brand's quality and efficacy.

A unique challenge presented itself when our founder requested "maximalist" visuals, diverging from our brand's traditionally cleaner, sometimes even clinical aesthetic. Balancing this directive with our products' clinical appearance required a thoughtful and creative approach.

We embraced the concept of our brand getting ready for a spectacular holiday party. This idea shaped our visual and messaging strategy, combining traditional holiday colors of red and green with our brand colors of teal and pink. The campaign was brought to life with an abundance of sparkle and iridescence, creating an inviting and festive atmosphere. This vibrant, party-themed approach ensured our clinical-looking products were presented in a visually appealing and celebratory manner. 🎉