USRx Social Media

Body Campaign 2024

The creative team worked closely with the marketing team to develop a social media campaign for our Body 2023 initiative, strategically designed to spotlight our Pro Strength body products. This campaign seamlessly blended audacious and approachable, resulting in thumb-stopping visuals and messaging that resonated with our audience. The campaign was highly successful, driving the highest historical performance ever and prompting the creation of a last-minute promo to take advantage of new followers and viewers. 


new followers in 2 weeks

15.7 million

(+200% MOM)

11.64 million

social accounts reached
(+280% MOM)


(+732% MOM)

In addition to the last minute promotion, we also overcame a few challenges as a team on this one. That included last minute iPhone photograpy (ex. top right) to add kits to the campaign. Overall, the increased engagement on social was a huge win and wouldn’t have come together without a willingness to pivot and take advantage of every opportunity. 🌸 

CTV & Paid Social Media Advertising

This Connected TV (CTV) campaign that integrated with our 'Results with Receipts' initiative, showcasing our brand's powerful before and after images and compelling testimonials. This CTV effort was complemented by a targeted retargeting campaign across social media and display ads, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand message across multiple channels. 📈


Paid Social